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Formulaire d’inscription

It is a pleasure for me to offer for the 1st time the Introduction of Healing Dance in Mexico! The seminar will take place in the wonderful setting « Casa de Artes Acuatica »

Calle Rincón Quetzalcóatl, 62525 Amatlán de Quetzalcóatl, Mor., Mexique


The objectives of the seminar

Healing dance has been refined through the simple joy of movement to discover its full therapeutic potential.

Healing dance has many varied aspects, all based on the healing power of movement. The practitioner establishes an empathic connection with the recipient and is trained to reflect all the emerging kinetic impulses. Like a conductor, he establishes a rhythmic field at the beginning of the session through his breath, movement and state of mind. At all times he seeks the rhythm of consciousness which allows the recipient to feel the psychological reverberations of movement within his being. The movement is applied as medicine and carefully measured, interspersed with restful pauses in quiet sanctuaries, to allow the integration to have its full effect. The practitioner makes the recipient of Healing Dance dance, who has an experience of grace and beauty, sometimes leading to deeper emotional feelings.

Discovering and assimilating the basics of Healing Dance

Revisit how to move in water according to the basics of HDance

As part of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA) programmes created by Harold Dull, the first compulsory course is a Basic (16 hours). It is possible to follow it in watsu but also in Healing Dance.


Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is suitable for those who wish to discover Healing Dance for the first time as well as those who are training to become a Watsu practitioner.

It is a necessary step for those who want to continue with Healing Dance I, II.

No pre-requisites are necessary.

This course will give you the opportunity to give a 45 min session and learn the principles and basics of Healing Dance. This course is accredited by W.A.B.A. (Worldwide AquaHc Bodywork Association) and gives you 16 hours of accreditation to become a WABA practitioner.

Timetable and information

The course will start on Friday 16 Februrary at 10:00 and will end on Sunday 18 Februrary 2024 at approximately 16:00.

Languages: The seminar will be in Spanish/English

Price of the course,meal and accommadation:

Hotel 2 nights +3 meals (Veg) per day+ qualification per person

US $448/€423/Mxn$ 8084 registration fee valid after payment of a US $200 deposit to the association Usoffiu.



Bodhi Sambhava
Bodhi Sambhava
she discovered Watsu® and Tantra more than 20 years ago. After training as a Watsu® and Healing Dance® professional, Bodhi Sambhava works more specifically on conscious and unconscious cellular memories. She is also a Skydancing Tantra® level II certified teacher and co-founder of Aqua-Tantra®. Always looking for new things, she is currently training in the Jack Painter method in Pelvic Heart Integration®.
Through the transmission and the inspiration she receives from Alexander George, whom she considers a true « Master », she discovers how the fluidity and the movements in the water influence her way of working: « I feel deeply connected to the Healing Dance. Integrating Alexander’s work is so natural for me! »
« The movement created in the water with the Healing Dance gives a feeling of sensuality on the skin, the Healing Dance is for me the most tantric form of the aquatic world. » Waba Certified Teacher of Healing Dance by Alexander George